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Packaging Materials
Products Include:

Cold Chain/
Temperature Assurance
There are many products and companies making claims with little or no evidence. And everyone is looking for a more environmentally-friendly cold chain solution. The question is, where can you find the right solution for you. 

Whether 2-8 degrees Celsius, controlled room temperature or minus 70 and everything in between, how you maintain those temperatures for the required time AND do it cost effectively, can be a miracle of modern science.
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At Accutech, completely understanding your requirements allows us to create the right solution for your product and budget. This includes the proper insulation, design, testing (in both lab and shipping lane), test results and manufacturing, all done by the Accutech team.

Accutech, along with our supplier partners, works with every type of insulation material from EPS to VIPs, PUR to paper and fabrics (wool and cotton). We can provide in-house design, access to full lab and shipping lane testing, and a complete offering of gels. 

Combining these capabilities with our in-house thermoforming capabilities allows Accutech to provide cold chain solutions with ease-of-use in mind and performance you can count on.

At Accutech, our mission is the keep your product safe and keep your cost sensible.
Call today and see if one of our standard products is right for you, or
explore the variety of custom products and services we can provide,
designed to meet your unique needs.

The challenges of cold chain packaging are nearly as daunting as the science of the medicines and products it protects.