System Packaging Cold Seal Equipment

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System Packaging, a US based company, is the global leader in manufacturing Cold Seal® & Cold Heat automated packaging systems since the early 1970’s. The systems encapsulate your products in a Cold Seal® cohesive-coated protective packaging, locking your product in place, centered within the pack, only using the correct amount of material necessary for that specific product. These automated solutions will dramatically 
increase operational performance, order consistency, and increased throughput with increased speeds from a traditional pack table environment of 1-3 packs per minute to speeds averaging from 10-25 packs per min.

System Packaging offers a system solution suitable for all applications. Widths include 12”, 18”, 24”, & 36” systems. Cohesive Material substrates that provide containment, cushioning, or rigidity are available for use on the systems are; paper, liner board, bubble laminate, foam laminate, single face corrugated, poly (clear or solid) or any combination of these cohesive media. For enhanced marketing or advertising, printing on the material substrates is also available.
System solutions are available for the growing eCommerce arena or a manufacturing environment, where prepack is important.
To further enhance your operation and throughput, systems can be coupled with integrated peripherals such as pack slip
printers, collateral / promotional inserts,
scales, scanners, print & apply, & sortation. 

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