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Hand Tapes
Machine Tapes
3M offers a wide range of both hand tapes and machine tapes in addition to almost any specialty tape you can imagine.
Listed here are some of the more common products and available sizes. If you have a tape requirement, give us a call!
Item #            Size
355      48mm x 100m
355      72mm x 100m
311      48mm x 100m
311      72mm x 100m
311+    48mm x 100m
311+    72mm x 100m
305      48mm x 100m
305      72mm x 100m
313      48mm x 100m
313      72mm x 100m
3071    48mm x 100m
3071    72mm x 100m
3073    48mm x 100m
3073    72mm x 100m
Item #            Size
369        48mm x 100m
369        72mm x 100m
371        48mm x 100m
371        72mm x 100m
371+      48mm x 100m
371+      72mm x 100m
372        48mm x 100m
372        72mm x 100m
373        48mm x 100m
373        72mm x 100m
375        48mm x 100m
375        72mm x 100m
375+      48mm x 100m
375+      72mm x 100m
Item #            Size
369        48mm x 914m
369        72mm x 914m
371        48mm x 914m
371        72mm x 914m
371+      48mm x 914m
371+      72mm x 914m
372        48mm x 914m
372        72mm x 914m
373        48mm x 914m
373        72mm x 914m
375        48mm x 914m
375        72mm x 914m
375+      48mm x 914m
375+      72mm x 914m
Item #            Size
355      48mm x 914m
355      72mm x 914m
311      48mm x 914m
311      72mm x 914m
311+    48mm x 914m
311+    72mm x 914m
305      48mm x 914m
305      72mm x 914m
313      48mm x 914m
313      72mm x 914m
3071    48mm x 914m
3071    72mm x 914m
3073    48mm x 914m
3073    72mm x 914m
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Foxboro, Massachusetts 02035

3M 371+
3M 311+