VCO Systems provides light-directed solutions for multiple process flows including putwall, pick to light, put to light, pick/put carts etc. VCO Systems’ mission is to deliver the highest-quality supply chain services and solutions that enable superior, agile and dynamic efficiencies throughout enterprise logistics. 

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Supports multiple users concurrently to boost productivity and minimize hardware required.
Out of the box support for File, TCP/IP sockets, HTTP protocol with Flat, JSON, and XML formats to ease integration to any platform such as Warehouse Management Systems, ERPs, auto-baggers, and PandA systems.
WiFi-enabled for data mobility, and battery-powered for power mobility allowing for an array of installations.
Carts can be used for multiple process flows, can be put together to be used
as a putwall or split up and used as pick/put carts on the fly to rapidly manage seasonal peaks and surges.
Systems are built using REST architecture, and stateless calls translate to seamless scaling of VCO application to meet enterprise demand.
Internet of Things (IoT) protocols are used by the application to communicate with light solutions hardware not only for process fulfillment, but also for setup, exception handling and self-monitoring.