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FasFil® Paper Void-Fill System
FasFil® 1500

The SEALED AIR® brand FasFil® 1500 is a fast and easy on-demand paper system best for small, low-fragility voids. This void-fill system runs multiple weights of 15-inch fanfold paper at up to 390 feet per minute. With a small footprint and standard electrical requirements, it's an ideal solution for small-cell packing stations, but also fast enough for inline operations. It's available in both a floor model and tabletop model.

FasFil® Jet

The SEALED AIR® brand FasFil® Jet is a large paper void-fill dispenser that is ideal for high-volume, inline operations with oversized voids. The system is designed with a large paper capacity that is easy to load and operate and delivers 30-inch paper at 375 feet per minute. It can be easily adjusted to work in an automated environment and fit seamlessly over conveyors. 

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FasFil® 1500
FasFil® Jet